tape #1

by Wylie

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on this recording:
Garrett W. - vocals, guitar, bass
Chris E. - drums


released March 8, 2016

⇨Recorded + mixed by Patrick Jennings at Unseasonable Sound Studio, Bloomigton, IN in February 2016

⇨Mastered by Colby DeHart



all rights reserved


Wylie Bloomington, Indiana

Hoosier pop punk.

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Track Name: CRUSHED
I count the streetlamps, I watch them turn on.
The guiding light to bring some drunk bastard home.

I count the beer cans in my bedroom.
I clear the space, but I still feel cray.

I count the miles to Tallahassee.
May the Gulf of Mexico open up and eat me whole.

I dream of oceans.
I dream of dying.

I dream of ditchin' out
I dream of ditchin' this town.
Why won't you let me out.

Half crush Budweiser cans line the basement steps.
Paint me green like the wall and please don't expect,
Anything at all. Anything at all.
Track Name: CATTAILS
Pull the cattails out by their necks,
Pull the cattails out by their necks.
Wade in the water up to your chest.
Let the stink set into your skin,
Breathe it in.
Let it coat your lungs,
Let it stain your lungs.

24 and at the shore of Lake Griffy,
It smells the same on a hot summer day
As the pond 30 yards from the backdoor of my house.
And I am hit right in the chest,
With the image of the child that I was.

Carry the trash out to the dumpster.
Another day of washing dishes at the college
And without warning, I am on the ground.
A muddy field back in Adams County.

15 and I am laughing.
I am 16 and I am crying.
And I'm 18 packing up and trying not to
Over think this one.

And I am gone.
I am gone.

The world moves on.
Track Name: GOOD
What did you expect.
As I crawl into your bed,
Call in sick again.
I watch these days leakin' out of my head.

I flood the basement.
I pray to Cerridwen, "change me".

I am not a nice girl.
Wish I had less in common with you.
Wish I had less in common with
The people who hurt me.

As you sift through my guts,
You swear you could find good intentions,
Well, best of luck.
Best of luck.
Track Name: WORN
Ditch out of work early,
Drive out to Brown County.
Eat a candy bar on the roof of the car,
And watch the sunset.
Oh god I feel useless.

And on the ride home
Two blocks away,
I can hear you fighting in the driveway,
And I feel tired.
I watch the world from the back of my eyelids
Sometimes light leaks in.

Hanging out on Rogers and Wylie.
I'm like a dog just loyal and waiting.
Convenience store.
The worn welcome mat at your mom's door.

Take what you need and leave me alone.
I'm so tired, could you just leave me alone.
Take what you need and leave me alone.
Track Name: SPIT BLOOD
Wake up on the lawn.
Roll over to sleep a little longer.
Dry me out and drive me home.
Take me back and send me away.
But you're careful to never name
The trouble inside of me.

Cut my hair to look more like my mother.
Look in the mirror and see my father's daughter.
Short ugly temper and a mouth full of glass,
Well I spit blood when I speak, you know,
This won't last.

Walk to the golf course across the highway.
Find the first soft putting green,
I dig in my hands unafraid,
Most dirt will wash away.

This is not the last time in your life
You'll wake up in a ditch, hiding from your head outside.
Mallory Cobb played a song about naming hurricanes
and I wonder if I will ever name my own.
The world turns, and like a child I am dragged along.

Cut my hair to look more like my mother.
Look in the mirror and see my father's daughter.
Short ugly temper,
Mouth full of broken glass.
Well I spit blood when I speak.
I kick and scream.
I scrub and scrub, but some things just tear away the skin.